​​​​​Chuck Stewart, Vocal Coach 

Professional Vocal Coach, Singer, Songwriter,​ and  Composer

Singing Lessons- Online or in person.

U.S. 407-362-1662            The Netherlands   +31 (0) 611060917


"I've never seen anybody get such huge

results with students, as fast as you have."

- Debra Bonner, Professional Vocal Coach in Hollywood, CA  

          Do you say:

  • "My voice cracks when I sing."
  • "I wish I could sing higher."
  • "I get hoarse after singing"
  • "I lose my voice after I sing."
  • "High notes won't come out unless I scream or yell."
  • "My throat hurts after I sing."          
  • "I don't breathe correctly when I sing."  
  • "I am 'pitchy' (sharp or flat).
  • "I have trouble singing riffs." 
  • "I don't have any confidence."  
  • "I have stage fright."           

You don't have to live near me to get lessons. Australia,
England, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, 
Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, etc. People in several
states in the U.S. have done lessons with me, using Skype.   ​

With personalized and intuitive coaching, you will discover
  the talent within you to become a star performer. You can sing
  in tune better. No more being pitchy.  You can have better tone
quality, more endurance, better breath control, and increase your
  range without straining.

You may have seen some of my best students
on The Voice and on Sing-Off. You’ll discover
  all the little things that add up to singing your
  best. It works for every style you want to do.

A singer, who was a professional dancer in New York (Rockettes) got ready
  for and got the part in a Broadway show as a singer.  This took only one month.

Rock singers, signed to major labels, also learned how to improve singing
technique working with me. 

You get to go at your pace, however fast or slow you want to go.